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No, you will remain the owner of your video and may keep it posted on any of your Social Media accounts.

ViralHog has several distinct advantages over competitors. Because we are specialized, we offer a high level of customer service and personal attention. Your video won’t get lost in the mix, and communicating with us is easy. Our beautiful Bozeman, Montana location ensures employees who are always in a good mood, ready to serve you. Plentiful public customer reviews, testimonials, and media articles reaffirm this. Also, we are a streamlined organization, meaning we have lower costs of operation. In fact, excluding special payment processing fees, we don’t deduct any of our costs when calculating your payout. Revenue share from ViralHog can be much more lucrative than profit share from competitors who first deduct big city costs. Last, but not least, we have a massive network of partners that enable us to make you money. For example, we sell to five of the ten largest Facebook pages. We don’t package and dilute your content to self-promote; we sell licenses and monetize to maximize your revenue.

ViralHog will ensure that qualified videos are on YouTube with ads running on it to generate revenue. We will claim ownership of any unauthorized copies and do the same on your behalf. We will place your video on our website and our social media channels, as well as pitch it to our network of partners, aiming to sell non-exclusive usage licenses to generate additional revenue.

ViralHog is not buying ownership of your video – you retain that – but it is purchasing the exclusive rights to manage, promote, and monetize your content. “Exclusive” means that neither you nor anyone besides ViralHog is permitted to act in these capacities once you’ve signed with us, so be sure not to give permission to anyone else, as this would be in direct conflict with our contract. The exclusivity serves a good purpose; when there are multiple sellers of the rights, buyers are given a tool to drive the price down, resulting in less profit for you. If you have any questions about this, our representatives would be happy to discuss, especially as we know it can be a confusing topic.

“Monetization” is the generation of revenue by showing ads along with your video, primarily on YouTube. The amount of revenue generated depends upon how many advertisers want to place ads on your video, how much they’ll pay, and how many views your video receives. In turn, these variables depend upon the nature of your content, where it is displayed, and how popular it is. In summary, there’s no way to accurately predict how much ad revenue a video will generate, but we can assure you that we take steps to maximize it. This page discusses YouTube monetization in greater detail.

ViralHog distributes content to major news and media outlets around the world including ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, and all major Japanese TV networks. Additional partners include ESPN, The Huffington Post, Mail Online, The Discovery Channel, MTV, Right This Minute, TMZ, and TheChive

Aside from our regular partners, we also work with countless smaller media outlets and publications and are skilled at negotiating with them on your behalf. Our skilled sales staff will ensure that your video generates as much licensing revenue as possible.

It is important to add ViralHog’s licensing tag to your video’s description immediately because this notifies others that they may not use your content without first purchasing a license from us. Our network partners will also see this tag and know that they must pay to use it as well. If you fail to include the tag or delay its implementation, unauthorized use will often run rampant. To help prevent this, always include “For licensing/usage, email” in the description.

Payments are submitted for processing on the 15th of each month for earnings generated through the last day of the preceding month. To process your payment, we must have all required information completed and current. To avoid delays, you should log into your Licensor Dashboard and select the option to “update payment information”. Here you’ll find a variety of payment options, including Paypal, ACH, and bank wires, with fees as low as $1. Options vary by country. Please ensure all four sections are completed, including the applicable tax form. If you have any questions or issues updating your information, please contact us at

Keep our contact information handy. After adding our text to your video, requests for licensing should be directed to us. If someone from the press contacts you asking for usage, refer them to ViralHog at +1 406-922-2588 or Remember, as you have assigned ViralHog the exclusive rights, you may not assign usage to anyone else. Not that you’d want to anyway; our skilled team can negotiate the best price for your video. A key benefit of our service is to save you the trouble of negotiating with the media. Some producers will attempt to pressure you into giving them free or discounted usage. Simply tell them you have an exclusive agreement with ViralHog and refer them to us. If you have a particular request (for example, you’d like us to permit a charitable use), let us know and we’ll consider it.

If you have additional videos you would like us to manage, contact We’ll review your work and let you know if we would like to proceed.

Don’t feel badly if you did this, as most people are excited to see their content shared. However, understand that when you sell rights or permit free use before signing with ViralHog, it decreases the revenue potential of your content and we must take this into account. This occurs because once you’ve allowed others to use it, we can no longer sell a license to them. In some cases, permitting one entity to use your video also enables their partners to use it. Be sure to fully and immediately disclose anyone and everyone you’ve given permission to so we can best address the situation and work through it with you.

While it is possible to monetize your video through YouTube yourself, there are several advantages to having ViralHog do it for you. First, the setup and approval process can be cumbersome, and if you’re not already active, there can be a substantial delay. Second, there is a $100 minimum payment, so if you do not reach this, you will not see any money. ViralHog has a $75 minimum, but this is combined with revenue generated from licenses sold, so your odds of reaching it are greater. Third, unless you approved for advanced tools and access, you cannot police and “claim” unauthorized (stolen) copies of your video that others may have uploaded. ViralHog has the tools to do this on your behalf, and we can capture the revenue from these copies. Finally, ViralHog optimizes the types of ads shown on your video, yielding higher average rates than you’d achieve on your own. Combined, these advantages mean that even with the cut we keep factored in, you should expect greater ad revenues than you could achieve if you kept the entire portion of what you could earn doing it yourself.

ViralHog has extremely competitive pricing for social media licenses. For details and a price quote, please go here.

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