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Friendly Deer Wants To Hang Out With Humans

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 16, 2019 / Twin Lake, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "Chasten and his friend Trevor were out wandering the woods and came across a very friendly deer. The experience ma..
Location Twin Lake, Michigan, USA
Occurred Feb-16-2019
Posted By Jessica major
Posted On Mar-29-2019

Family Happens Upon Mating Snakes

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 29, 2022 / Wilcox, Pennsylvania, USA Info from Licensor: "My husband(Jason), daughter(Jessa), newborn son (Jack), dog (Sadie), and I (Elaine) went to Twin Lakes to go for a wal..
Location Wilcox, Pennsylvania, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Elaine Kline
Posted On Jun-6-2022

Mama Bear and Cubs Take Over Playground in Juneau, Alaska

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 14, 2021 / Juneau, Alaska. USA Info from Licensor: "A mama bear and her three cubs were climbing up slides and playing with swings. This was filmed at Twin Lakes playground..
Location Juneau, Alaska. USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Aug-18-2021

Baby Opossums Go For a Ride

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 30, 2017 / Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA Info from Licensor: I was sitting in my office when I saw what looked to be a very mangy cat, and then realized it was an opossum with 12 babie..
Location Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA
Occurred May-30-2017
Posted By James E. Stoller
Posted On Jun-5-2017

Laundry Basket Luge

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 11, 2011 / Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Info from Licensor: "At a bbq with friends, we got bored and decided to make use of the wayward laundry basket. Turned into the ‘laundry ba..
Location Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Occurred May-11-2011
Posted By Jennifer A Langham
Posted On Sep-10-2019

Duck Rescued from Abandoned Fish Hook

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 29, 2020 / Brookfield, Connecticut, USA Info from Licensor: "Sometimes things happen for a reason. My wife was been taking our twins to a local park for a walk on the trails...
Location Brookfield, Connecticut, USA
Occurred Jun-29-2020
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jul-10-2020