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Little Girl Unimpressed by Mom's Chocolate Joke

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 19, 2020 / Newcastle Info from Licensor: I did a joke on my little girl by putting poo (chocolate spread) on her when she brings me a toilet roll...
Location Newcastle
Occurred Mar-18-2020
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-2-2020

Doggy Gets Angry at Food Joke

  • Cleared
Occurred on November 30, 2020 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Info from Licensor: "I was at my niece apartment just chilling, but her greedy dog is always barking at me, so I decided to fake lik..
Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Bradley Stampley
Posted On Dec-30-2020

Joking Woman Accidentally Discovers Thor Powers

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 2, 2020 / Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA Info from Licensor: "My name is Isabella! Last summer I was trying to predict the lighting for a funny video to show my friends. I en..
Location Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Isabella Smith
Posted On Jun-30-2021

Employee Pulls a Fart Joke on Co-Worker

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 12, 2020 / Virginia, USA Info from Licensor: "I was just being funny and thought about doing this video never thought about it being that funny to everyone."..
Location Virginia, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jun-19-2020

Boy Fooled by Mom's Toilet Joke

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 10, 2020 / Rutland, Vermont, USA Info from Licensor: "I tried the chocolate poop challenge on 4-year-old Bentley. It almost ended in disaster!"..
Location Rutland, Vermont, USA
Occurred Feb-10-2020
Posted By Karinda Oleson
Posted On Apr-28-2020

Funny Joke with French Bulldog

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 18, 2020 / North Salt Lake, Utah, USA Info from Licensor: "Moo is our French bulldog. She received her name for obvious reasons. She is the sweetest and best dog. We decided..
Location North Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Occurred Mar-15-2020
Posted By Sean Mackintosh
Posted On Mar-27-2020

Joking Jockey Makes a Mistake

  • Cleared
Occurred on November 5, 2019 / Buxton, Victoria, Australia Info from Licensor: "My brother, who was showing off a girl's jockey dress on Melbourne cup day, accidentally slapped his daughter in..
Location Buxton, Victoria, Australia
Occurred Nov-5-2019
Posted By Karynn Tucknott
Posted On Nov-5-2019

Friend with a Foamy Joke

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 13, 2019 / Baytown, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "Jarrett, Mitchell and Spencer were going to have some fun together. Jarrett instead blew out of the can, giving Mitchell a..
Location Baytown, Texas, USA
Occurred Jul-13-2019
Posted By Lindsay Duet
Posted On Jul-23-2019

Joke's on You

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 8, 2016 Info: A man pranks his friend but he ends up getting the worst of it! In a failed attempt he chipped both of his front teeth...
Location Unknown
Occurred Aug-8-2016
Posted By guilherme bastos
Posted On Feb-10-2017

Practical Joke Sends Uncle Through Emotions

  • Cleared
Occurred on February 2, 2020 / Lantana, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "Our uncle was coming over to visit, I had my brother, sister in law and my best friend was visiting from Hawaii. My br..
Location Lantana, Florida, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Michelle Acker
Posted On Sep-13-2021