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Opossum Makes Its Way Upriver

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 23, 2023 / San Angelo, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "San Angelo, Texas had a thunderstorm that evening, with heavy rain and beautiful lightning show. San Angelo is like a bu..
Location San Angelo, Texas, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jennifer Martinez
Posted On Jul-3-2023

Stunning Sydney Lightning Show

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 27, 2019 / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Info from Licensor: "Our 2018/2019 summer has been particularly stormy. We’ve had a lot of damage caused by supercells this se..
Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occurred Jan-27-2019
Posted By Annika Butler
Posted On Jan-30-2019

Christmas Lightning Show Sets House Alight

  • Cleared
Occurred on December 25, 2017 / Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia Info from Licensor: "There was a massive Christmas Day storm that resulted in a lightning strike to the roof of our fami..
Location Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia
Occurred Dec-25-2017
Posted By Candace Nascimento
Posted On Dec-4-2018

Spectacular Lightning in North Queensland

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 1, 2022 / Townsville, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "I witnessed this once in a life time lightning show whilst camping on a rural beach North of Townsville, No..
Location Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Occurred not known
Posted By Jake Goldring
Posted On Feb-24-2022

Lightning Strikes Residential Miami Tower

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 6, 2023 / Miami, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I woke up to make my morning coffee and it was a looming dark cloud outside my terrace facing North to the Aston Martin Resi..
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Occurred Jun-6-2023
Posted By Jacqueline Reeves
Posted On Jun-9-2023

Lightning Storm Startles Drivers

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 19, 2019 / Fort Myers, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "My husband and I were driving south to Fort Myers to meet friends from out of town and saw the ominous clouds but figu..
Location Fort Myers, Florida, USA
Occurred Jul-19-2019
Posted By Wendy Ferrill
Posted On Jul-22-2019

Storm Fills Sky With Spectacular Lightning

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 22, 2020 / Van Buren, Arkansas, USA Info from Licensor: "I filmed this amazing lightning show from a storm just south of us on my Samsung Galaxy S10 using the slow-motion featu..
Location Van Buren, Arkansas, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Taylor Fant
Posted On May-30-2020

Crawling Lightning Sprawls Across Night Sky

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 12, 2019 / Martinsville, Illinois, USA Info from Licensor: "Insane lightning show with crawlers shooting everywhere across the sky following tornadic supercells that tracked..
Location Martinsville, Illinois, USA
Occurred Aug-12-2019
Posted By Aaron Brogan
Posted On Aug-16-2019

Spectacular 4th of July Lightning Storm Time Lapse

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 4, 2022 / Bozeman, Montana, USA Info from Licensor: "I am a professional photographer from Bozeman, MT specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. I spend much of my t..
Location Bozeman, Montana, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Noah Weinstein
Posted On Jul-11-2022

The Lightning Hop

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 1, 2017/ Dallas, Texas, USA Info: "Surveillance video from a home shows a startled squirrel after lightning strikes."..
Location Dallas, Texas, USA
Occurred Jun-1-2017
Posted By Jerri Ann Drake
Posted On Jun-7-2017

Struck By Lightning

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 1, 2017 / Sao Paulo, Brazil Info from Licensor: "This shows the exact moment when a tourist is struck by lightning at Praia do Sonho, on the coast of São Paulo. A woman, 2..
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Occurred not known
Posted On Jan-3-2017