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Heavy Load Shatters Glass Door

  • Cleared
Occurred on / Binh Phuoc, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "Bad day at work! One of the workers was trying to deliver bottles of water to my office. However, one of the bottles of water fell out of..
Location Binh Phuoc, Vietnam
Occurred not known
Posted By
Posted On Sep-22-2023

Curious Bird Craves Clean Water Bottle

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 10, 2023 / USA Info from Licensor: "Pichu is a very curious budgie. He landed on my water bottle while I was refilling it and refused to move. I tried to interest him in a ba..
Location USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jordan Oleszczak
Posted On May-3-2023

Water Bottle Freezes Instantly

  • Cleared
Occurred on December 22, 2022 / Coeur d Alene, Idaho, USA Info from Licensor: "I work at a drive-through convenience store. I was so confused when I would grab a water bottle off the shelf, ma..
Location Coeur D Alene, Idaho, USA
Occurred Dec-22-2022
Posted By Lorraine Bourget
Posted On Dec-28-2022

Dispute Over Water Bottles at Bar's Grand Opening

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 7, 2022 / Santa Monica, California, USA Info from Licensor: "My staff informed me that some lady was taking our glass, reusable water bottles to her car off of our patron's t..
Location Santa Monica, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-11-2022

Ceiling Fan Fun With Water Bottle

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 4, 2022 / Boaz, Alabama, USA Info from Licensor: "We were performing the TikTok water bottle challenge for fun at my home a few days ago. We goofed it up several times by allow..
Location Boaz, Alabama, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Wesley Cooper
Posted On May-9-2022

Mom Pranks Son with Water Bottle Magic Trick

  • Cleared
Occurred on December 6, 2016 / San Mateo, California, USA Info from Licensor: My son loves magic tricks, so I decided to try the water bottle magic trick prank on him!..
Location San Mateo, California, USA
Occurred Dec-6-2016
Posted By Gina Hawk
Posted On Dec-13-2016

Motorbike Rider Balances Water Bottle on His Head

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 18, 2023 / Bangsal, Mojokerto, Indonesia Info from Licensor: "A man drives his motorbike while balancing a water bottle on his head."..
Location Bangsal, Mojokerto, Indonesia
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Jun-18-2023

Teens Trying Water Bottle Challenge Get Smacked

  • Cleared
Occurred on August 11, 2022 / Piedmont, Oklahoma, USA Info from Licensor: The family wanted to participate in a water bottle challenge in our living room at home...
Location Piedmont, Oklahoma, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Justin Rosalez
Posted On Oct-18-2022

Water Bottle Trick Fail

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 1, 2017 / Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, USA Info from Licensor: "My father had successfully done the water bottle prank on one of my nephews so my mother decided she'd try it on my..
Location Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, USA
Occurred Jul-1-2017
Posted On Aug-21-2017

Ferret Acts Fierce with Water Bottle

  • Cleared
Occurred on October 18, 2021 / UK Info from Licensor: "Ferret goes mad over the crinkle of a water bottle resulting in a war dance and an attack of the bottle."..
Location uk
Occurred not known
Posted By Kacie Smith
Posted On Oct-26-2021

Baby Belly Laughs at Crinkling Water Bottle

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 2021 / Benton, Arkansas, USA Info: Five-month-old Emersyn belly laughing at a crinkling water bottle will brighten your day...
Location Benton, Arkansas, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Holly Crookham
Posted On Sep-27-2021