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When Your Dad is a Drummer

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 8, 2021 / Everson, Washington, USA Info from Licensor: "I was watching both of our kids including our one-month-old daughter Dallas. She needed to be rocked asleep and I..
Location Everson, Washington, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jared Bailey
Posted On Sep-20-2021

How to Keep Your Dogs Busy

  • Cleared
Occurred on July 3, 2021 / Info from Licensor: "My boyfriend and I were in the living room playing with our dogs with a laser. We had them running in circles chasing it then thought of putti..
Location Unknown
Occurred not known
Posted By Samantha Wickham
Posted On Jul-6-2021

Fishrespect Your Surroundings Marshpit

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 14, 2021 / Wollongong, Australia Info: I found a school of fish endlessly circling a rock near a bridge, like the circle pit you would see at a metal concert...
Location Wollongong, Australia
Occurred May-14-2021
Posted By Aaron Lozenkovski
Posted On Jun-9-2021

When Your Dog Befriends the Local Butcher

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 17, 2021 / São Paulo, Brazil Info from Licensor: My dog Moisés went out in the morning alone as usual for a walk, but he decided to stop by the butcher shop and bring in his mouth..
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Occurred Apr-17-2021
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On May-24-2021

When Your Human Takes Forever Getting Food

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 21, 2021 / San Diego, California, USA Info from Licensor: "A dog honking the horn for the owner to hurry up. The end result was laughter."..
Location San Diego, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anthony Jones
Posted On Mar-22-2021

When You Forget To Put Your Vehicle In Park

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 3, 2021 / Brecksville, Ohio, USA Info from Licensor: "The video is security camera footage at my boyfriends house. I was sitting in the passenger seat while he left his car..
Location Brecksville, Ohio, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Johanna Fulop
Posted On Jan-14-2021

When You Hear Your Mom Coming

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 20, 2019 / Kirbyville, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: Trying to get a toddler to sleep. I went to check on him and noticed through the video monitor that when he heard me coming,..
Location Kirbyville, Texas, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Ashlyn Ross
Posted On Dec-15-2020

Building Your Core at Home with a Basketball Hoop

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 9, 2020 / Essex, Chelmsford, UK Info from Licensor: "Basketball hoop with the house in the background, brick wall with windows and covered furniture and grass."..
Location Essex, Chelmsford, UK
Occurred not known
Posted By Fanuel Chivasa
Posted On Jun-16-2020

Ansssswer at Your Own Rissssk

  • Cleared
Occurred on June 5, 2020 / Belleville, Illinois, USA Info from Licensor: "We live in a rural area and there isn’t a lot of activity our Ring Doorbell picks up, especially when we are not home...
Location Belleville, Illinois, USA
Occurred Jun-6-2020
Posted On Jun-15-2020

How to Walk Your Dog During Quarantine

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 16, 2020 / Moscow, Russia Info from Licensor: "How to walk a dog during quarantine."..
Location Moscow, Russia
Occurred Apr-16-2020
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On May-6-2020

Taking Out the Trash in Your Wedding Dress

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 3, 2020 / Woodridge, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "Myself outside of work taking out the rubbish bin in my wedding dress. These are known as Bin Isolation Outing..
Location Woodridge, Queensland, Australia
Occurred Apr-2-2020
Posted By Alex Glover
Posted On Apr-6-2020

Curing Quarantine Boredom With Your Lazy Cat

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 24, 2020 / Bloomington, Indiana, USA Info from Licensor: "Coronavirus has us in quarantine and with boredom came seeing if my sleeping cat would sleep through us building a c..
Location Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Occurred Mar-22-2020
Posted By Chelsea A Simpson
Posted On Mar-28-2020