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Poor Pups Take Accidental Plunge

Occurred on June 14, 2021 / Fountain, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: "My children were at daycare and I was working on cleaning my house. I decided to open the windows to get some fresh air while I was cleaning. I have screens on all of my windows and do not normally open them while my children are home with the fear of them falling out. I was in the basement doing laundry. My German Shepard, Bear, is very smart and figured out how to open the gate to get to the upstairs level. He and my pitbull, Peanut, went to the 2nd story of my home. They pushed the window screen out enough to jump through. There is a small landing underneath the window that they slid down and subsequently fell to the ground from. I truly believe they did not know they would be falling out of a 2 story window; rather, they likely assumed they would just be outside after they went through the window. They are very well-loved and taken care of. I took both to the emergency vet for examination shortly thereafter and neither had any major injuries. They are both doing well and show no signs of issues from their fall. We are so grateful that our babies were okay. We never could’ve fathomed that they would attempt and follow through with escaping through a 2nd story window, but we know now that it is a possibility and we need to keep them closed and locked."
Location Fountain, Colorado, USA
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Posted By Amanda Renfrow
Posted On Jun-22-2021


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