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I Got Hired at Yale

Occurred August, 2016 / New Haven, CT, USA

Info from Licensor: "Myself and several other patrons were enjoying a drink after a long work day. Sitting by an open window, I witnessed the young lady park her minivan in the middle of the street and hop out without shoes on. Her movements were pretty aggressive, so I grabbed my phone in case something happened. She walked inside, demanding to speak to the owner. The waitresses and bartender all turned red in the face from what I assume was fear of being attacked. After them telling her several times the owner wasn't available she started to walk out and I was recording. That's when she dropped her pants and smacked her buns and made the "I got hired at Yale suck my mf'g D***" remark and stormed out. The part I didn't catch was her having to chase her minivan down the street because someone in the car saw what she was doing and decided to take off.
- Leothis C Stevenson
Location New Haven, CT, USA
Occurred not known
Posted On Aug-8-2016