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Saving a Puppy That Tried to Cross Flood Waters Stuck in Tree

Occurred on May 2022 / Purvis, Mississippi, USA

Info from Licensor: Last summer, while I was gone to work, a family member accidentally let my dog, Baby, a then 5yr old Chiwheenie out of the house when they dropped off some mail. There had been a bad storm the day before, and the creek between my house and my parent's house was flooded. I came home and knew something was bad wrong when Baby didn’t meet me at the door. I went looking for her and noticed the creek was flooded higher than I had ever seen! I had my phone out to record because I was about to video myself attempting to wade across the flood in my boots. Suddenly I spotted Baby in a tree, downstream of the road! Apparently, she had tried to follow my dad's vehicle across the flooded creek earlier in the day and been washed downstream and managed to scramble up into a tree as the water washed her around behind it. It’s not a perfect video because I was more worried about rescuing her than filming, but somehow I still managed to capture a glimpse of it and her happy cries. Once we were headed to safety I remembered the camera and managed to get a good view of her cold wet little face as I carried her home. After that, I made her a support pet and I take her with me almost everywhere I go!

Location Purvis, Mississippi, USA
Occurred May-1-2022
Posted By Brenda Brooks
Posted On Jun-2-2023