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Octopus Cyanea Throws Sand at Camera

Occurred on December 18, 2019 / Tanjung Kelapa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Info from Licensor: During a dive at Tanjung Kelapa in North Sulawesi in Indonesia I found this common reef octopus (Octopus Cyanea) hiding under a coral rock, peeping at the passing divers. I approached it and it didn't move away as they usually do. I guess the hole it was in was too shallow to completely hide. I slowly moved my camera towards it to fill the frame when it started collecting the sand underneath its arm. Then it flung all the sand at the camera. I have seen much remarkable behavior from an octopus but never experienced something like this. Triggered by this reaction I approached the octopus again and it did exactly the same, now covering the camera lens completely with sand. If you listen closely you hear me laughing during this whole ordeal. After the 2nd time, I decided to move away and leave the octopus in peace. Throwing the sand was clearly a sign of stress and not wanting to be a camera or close to me and my big bright video lights.
Location Tanjung Kelapa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Occurred not known
Posted By Pim van Schendel
Posted On Apr-19-2022