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Great White Shark Chases Surfers Out of the Water

Occurred on September 20, 2021 / New South Wales, Australia

Info from Licensor: "I was filming surfers surfing a secluded wave on the South Coast of NSW, Australia when they saw a shark rapidly advance on them. The surfer to first see the shark was musician Hein Cooper, then it was also witnessed by former navy clearance diver Genji Pitt. The shark was initially mistaken for a seal laying on its side. The fin was estimated to be 2ft and had visible damage which indicated it to be a 14-16 foot adult Great White. The shark made a rapid advance over 200ft straight at the surfers and came within 10ft of the surfers before making a sudden turn out to sea (this is where the camera starts rolling). Onlookers were shocked and distressed watching as the surfers frantically paddled directly onto the rock-shelf and the shark followed them up to it. Everyone exited the water safely and the shark away heading north."
Location New South Wales, Australia
Occurred Sep-17-2021
Posted By Dane Pidgeon
Posted On Nov-20-2021


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