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Kids Bump Heads Trying to Wrangle Dog

Occurred on April 5, 2018 / Caboolture, South Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Buzzbaby the dog had escaped from home and followed the kids who were playing hide and seek at the end of the street. Mum was filming the kids trying to catch him but the dog didn’t like being caught and dodges and weaves as the children try and catch him. He doesn't make it easy to catch him and return him home. As two kids dived together to catch the naughty dog, they collided and hit their heads and the dog gets away. One got a little bit of a loose tooth, but no one was badly hurt.The dog got caught after this and brought home."
Location Caboolturne, South Queensland, Australia
Occurred Apr-5-2018
Posted By Denise Ciantar
Posted On Jun-21-2018


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