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Winds Whip Up Debris Before Tornado Forms

Occurred on May 28, 2019 / Morgantown, Pennsylvania, USA

Info from Licensor: "I noticed the winds were kicking up pretty quickly, so I got my camera out to record. At first I was fascinated to see all the debris in the air, but I quickly realized this looked a lot like a tornado. As I was taping at my glass sliding doors, looking out over my development, the winds were getting worse. All of a sudden we noticed a tree getting thrown in the air!! This is when I started to panic! I was ready to turn off my camera so that we could run to the basement, that's when I caught the funnel of the tornado at the end of my video! There was a lot of damage in our development. I do believe I got the funnel tearing up one of the houses."

Location Morgantown/PA/USA
Occurred May-28-2019
Posted By Denise Jackson
Posted On Jun-1-2019