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Unruly Riders Try to Rule the Road

Occurred on June 16, 2019 / Silverado Canyon, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was taking my family for a picnic in Silverado Canyon, with my 6-year-old in the back. I have to pass Cooks Corner to get there and I know how terrible this spot is on the weekends. I approached the stop carefully, saw two bikes preparing to leave but I had an open window between cars and had no idea they intended to cut me off. After I pulled out, they pulled out without signaling. I immediately honked.

After they pulled out, stopped, and flipped me off, the biker on left backed into me just to be more of a jerk. When he pulled away but still stayed there, so I attempted to go around. As I tried to go around, single male biker punched my passenger mirror, and other biker played a game of brake check with my 4000Lb 4x4. His female passenger went bananas, got in my window and scared the hell out of my daughter.

She never stopped yelling, the entire time. What ensued was her demanding I pull over, while 6 other bikers surrounded my truck and she blocked my path as well. I found this incredibly frustrating.

The moment I had space to move, I drove up 100 feet and parked on the right side. I then decided to leave and call the police on my own, away from these people. My daughter was scared, I was uncomfortable, and had little reason to trust these bikers to not have weapons.

I drove a mile or two down the road, then parked on an off street and called 911 non-emergency. Two police officers arrived, watched my cam footage once and immediately assured me I have nothing to worry about. I have an incident number. I'm still undecided as to press charges."
Location Silverado Canyon, California, USA
Occurred Jun-16-2019
Posted By Lee Vogel
Posted On Jun-21-2019


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