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Mama Black Bear and Cubs Take Roadside Stroll

Occurred on September 2, 2021 / Cades Cove, Tennessee, USA

Info from Licensor: "My name is Teresa and on September 2 I was riding through Cades Cove which is located in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park on the Tennessee side. I was in a line of about 20 cars watching a Mama bear and 3 cubs. As they were walking by, I was saying hello to them all; I do tend to talk to the wildlife. To me, it seemed like the mama bear turned to one of the cubs and said go talk to that lady. The next thing I saw was this cub walking towards my car and standing up. We were inches from touching noses. It was the most spiritual connection with a wild animal I have ever had. After the bears were out of sight, I pulled over at the next parking area. Every vehicle that was behind me was blowing their horns, hanging out their vehicles, clapping, and yelling. It was a wonderful experience had by all."
Location Cades Cove, Tennessee, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Teresa Chastain
Posted On Dec-10-2021