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Beagle Bruno Does Handstands on Command

Occurred on October 4, 2021 / Germany

Info from Licensor: "I trained my beagle Bruno almost every day for about six months with different exercises for this handstand trick. He is a normal beagle, but due to the training, he has better developed abdominal muscles and front leg muscles and of course extraordinary willpower. Bruno is an exceptional talent and to me the only known beagle that can walk in a handstand on command. Besides the handstand, he can do many other tricks that are trained and improved every day, including skateboarding, painting, ballet, etc. In total, he already understands over 50 commands and is motivated to learn even more. He is not only a stuntman but also a model and has his own Instagram account: my.beagle.bruno"
Location Germany
Occurred not known
Posted By Sergej Schmidt
Posted On Oct-27-2021