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Duck Wrestles With His Bull Terrier Best Friend

Occurred on June 29, 2021 / Honea Path, South Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "Max is an American bully. We have had him since he was a puppy. He loves all other animals and wants to play and be friends with all. We raise chickens and quail also and he always helps watch over the babies. He would seriously never harm any living creature. The duck's name is Fred. He is a khaki Campbell. I got him and another male duck from a friend who had them for about 6 or 7 years. We called them Fred and Frank... and then Frank passed away and Fred was left to make friends with all our other animals. He chases our Beagle and Pomeranian and harasses the chickens, but the black lab at the end of the video and Max like to play with him. Max and Fred wrestle in the backyard and on the front porch on a regular basis."
Location Honea Path, South Carolina, USA
Occurred Jun-29-2021
Posted By Jessica Timberlake
Posted On Jul-12-2021


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