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Wild Javelinas Make a Visit to Arizona Home

Occurred on October 16, 2018 / Cave Creek, Arizona, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was sitting on the couch after my husband and oldest son left for work and school when my phone alerted me that my doorbell camera had picked up movement. I walked towards the front door and saw the javelina on my porch. We have two gates on the porch and one was left open. I called for my younger kids to come see. The javelina were trying to get the pumpkins that my daughter brought home from her kindergarten farm field trip. One jumped in my kids’ electric vehicle. I carefully opened the door a crack to try to scare them away. My two year old finally realized what was going on and yelled, “piggies!” There is nothing like seeing the wildlife in Cave Creek."

Location Cave Creek, Arizona, USA
Occurred Oct-16-2018
Posted By Annette McQuain
Posted On Oct-17-2018