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Bird Keeps Attacking Window

Occurred on May 3, 2022 / Zagazig, Sharkia, Egypt

Info from Licensor: "This happens every day from dawn, and for a few hours. It seems like this bird has nested on one of the wires connecting satellite dishes to one of the apartments in my apartment complex, This is in my 8th-floor apartment. This happened in Zagazig, in a highly populated urban area with higher buildings and more traffic/pollution. As recommended by users online, I have covered the window so the bird doesn't end up killing itself as it seems like it's most likely trying to defend its territory from a perceived threat: its reflection in the one-way mirror. I'm yet to see if this will work, but it made me think of the extent of the damage to living creatures buildings do seeing as birds flying into windows seems common."
Location Zagazig, Sharkia, Egypt
Occurred not known
Posted By Ali Essam
Posted On May-5-2022