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Skateboarding Dog Skillfully Slaloms through Cones

Occurred on May 21, 2021 / Vasto, Italy

Info from Licensor: "A dog named Rush very well known on the web and appeared on several television networks around the world this time follows his friend Marco on the skateboard along the slalom between the cones in an impeccable way back and forth. He takes very tight turns and makes incredible changes of direction like a real driver, we weren't used to seeing this, he feels like driving like a pro. Incredible how a dog manages to have the perception of driving. Marco has formed Rush, he has been on the skateboard for only nine months. At first, he was terrified of the boards, he could not see them even in the distance before beginning to shake. his friend has transformed his fear in a strong point in a short time."
Location Vasto, Italy
Occurred not known
Posted By Marco Spadaccini
Posted On May-24-2021


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