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Dog Stayed in the Car While we Took the Ferry

Occurred on December 7, 2020 / Skutvik, Norway

Info from Licensor: Just to clarify a few things:

1. The ferry normally has a dog room, but this was closed due to Covid-19. There was no information about this, but I talked to the captain himself about a solution, but there was no compromise, not even sitting in the stairs. There is a strict allergy restriction on the boat and they serve food upstairs, so it was not possible. I was informed remaining on the car deck is not legal under any circumstances. By then I was already parked in on the ferry with trailers and cars behind me. pre-covid this wouldn't be a problem.

2. The dog is a rescue and he is slowly learning human concepts. He grew up on a sled business for tourists that went bankrupt because of covid. 60 out of 160 dogs were shot in front of the others, so you can say he's experiencing a lot of change and does not like to be without me for longer periods. He normally loves being in the car, but inside the ferry with all it sounds seemed to be the determining factor here. Normally he is very relaxed, playful outside, and calm and happy inside.

3. The car was cleaned and ozoned a week ago. I was heading home for Christmas and all the trash is Christmas presents, his food bag, IKEA bags with ski gear etc. Everything out of order or messy you see in the car is the dog's work. In the front seat, you see his snacks which he found in my ZIPLOCKED bag. Additional damages were the seatbelt in the front, several bitemarks on around the car. None of the Christmas presents were damaged, just all the wrapping and bags in general.

4. The dog received no punishment as that would have been useless as the damage was already done. He only received extra love and care after this as it obviously was not something he wanted to do, he was just lonely. He was happy after our next run and had a good time for the rest of the trip. He has a safety clip btw to so he's safe in the car, me on the other hand strapped myself to the car for the rest of the ride. Ironically I was going to inherit my family's dog's old crate when I arrived, so that was unfortunate.

I realize this is my fault, even though it was unlucky circumstances that led to this. At least it gives you guys the pleasure of laughing on my behalf. Thanks for the support.

Location Skutvik, Norway
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Posted On Dec-16-2020