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Better check your bananas: from Dole (Costa rica) to Staten Island, New York

Info From Licensor: "My wife and I have been trying to eat healthier. Little did we know, when we picked up two bunches of bananas, at one of our local supermarkets, that we were putting our lives in danger! When we got home, we promptly unwrapped the fruit and placed it ON OUR KITCHEN COUNTER! We finished the first bundle in about three days; and I was at work when my wife called to tell me what she had found. As a child, her Dad would tell her to be careful with bananas because tarantulas often live in them. When she grabbed for a healthy treat there was more resistance than usual and a sound like velcro as she separated it; and it revealed the white puffy egg/sack hidden inside. Immediately, she got them the heck out of our home. When I arrived, she, her friend and I decided to see what, exactly, was inside."
Location: Staten Island, New York, USA
Occurrence Date: May 3, 2016
Location Staten Island, New York, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Ronald W Coyne
Posted On May-6-2016