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Fascinating Tour of 'Garbage City' in Cairo, Egypt

Occurred on December 1, 2021 / Cairo, Egypt

Info from Licensor: In Cairo, there's a suburb called Mokottam that is better known as "Garbage City." Why? Because its inhabitants, mostly Coptic Christian Egyptians known as the "Zabbaleen" (Garbage People) sort through all the trash from Cairo's 20 million people by hand. They recycle 90% of Cairo's trash - up to 3x as much as the average European city, BY HAND. Here are some of their processes and ways they recycle on the spot. Learn more about Garbage City: https://www.adventuresnsunsets.com/cairo-garbage-city/ More Travel Stories @kimmconn

Credit: Travel Blogger Kimmie Conner
Location Cairo, Egypt
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Posted By Kimberly Conner
Posted On Dec-21-2021