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Hunters Help Free Tangled Deer

Occurred on September 23, 2022 / Milk River, Alberta, Canada

Info from Licensor: "We found this deer at sunset last night while out bow hunting. After watching him for a while in the fading light, it was tough to say for sure but we all agreed that something seemed off. Over the course of twenty minutes, he had only flicked his tail and twitched his head a few times.

We came back this morning to check on him and there he was bedded down in the same spot. With better light it was obvious he was caught up in something. The coyotes had almost beat us to him chewing his tail clean off throughout the night.

Thankfully there were a few guys around to help with setting this buck free to live another day.

From what we could tell he was rubbing his antlers on the spool of the temporary fencing unit and wrapped himself up in quite the mess, pulling out over 200 yards of rope."

Credit: Wheat King Adventures

Location Milk River, Alberta, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Oct-6-2022