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Driver Flees After Causing Major Accident

Occurred on October 11, 2021 / Aurora, Oregon, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was about to get onto I-5 south near Portland, Oregon but stopped my truck on the entrance ramp to check my phone. I looked up when I heard tires skidding and, well, you can hear my reaction in the video. I immediately dialed 911 as I walked up to the car. Since both passenger side windows were busted out I could hear very loud snoring when I got within a few feet of the car, and saw it was coming from the front passenger who was in an awkward-looking semi-reclined position with their head cocked back. Their head, face, and shirt were completely covered in blood and they were bleeding profusely from the head. I instantly knew the snoring was the result of being knocked unconscious from the severe head trauma. The driver was conscious from the time I walked up and started applying pressure to one of his wife’s head wounds. He was also bleeding from his head but only a little and said he was ok. When I asked what happened he said they were hit from behind by another car 'going very very fast', and that’s when I looked to my left across the 3 SB lanes and noticed a black Mercedes in the median crashed into a large shrub. Right when the 911 dispatcher answered and I started relaying information I noticed a male in a white tee shirt walking across the SB lanes of I-5 towards us. I was trying to concentrate on answering the 911 dispatcher’s questions so I can’t recall exactly what he said as he approached me, but I think he asked if I was ok. I quickly replied I’m not involved and just a witness, so he walked past me up to the Focus. I initially thought the white tee shirt guy might have been a witness driving NB and stopped their car on the other side of the thick shrubs. It wasn’t until I turned around and saw him running up the embankment toward to truck stop that it finally dawned on me that he was actually the driver of the Mercedes, and told the dispatcher that I think the other driver just fled the scene."
Location Aurora, Oregon, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Matthew Bodall
Posted On Nov-3-2021