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Son Dumps Cocoa Powder on His Face

Occurred on December 2, 2022 / USA

Info from Licensor: I was pretending to scroll through my phone standing off the side of the kitchen but was videoing to capture my husband’s reaction to a sticker I put on his water bottle (black jug). We had just gotten home from our community’s annual Noc-A-Glow and the boys wanted hot chocolate, so my husband was getting everything ready for the boys. As I’m videoing, I’m focused on when/if my husband is going to spot the sticker, but instead, our middle son Braydon decided he was going to pick up his M&M mug and pretend to drink it (like the wild man he is) thinking nothing was in the mug. But, much to his surprise, and ours after I saw what was going on, he had dumped the cocoa powder on his face. Braydon (our middle son) is the epitome of the “middle child”. Everything he says and does is always a little extra - but, no doubt, our lives are richer because of it. After I stopped recording, we rushed Braydon to the shower and rinsed his eyes for a good while. After his shower I jokingly said to him, “Awww, Bray - you have hot chocolate eyes” - queue the tears, to which I followed up with “awww, your tears are chocolate too!”. He took it in stride and we had a good laugh. In the end, I didn’t capture the intended purpose of videoing, but I think what we accidentally got was far more hilarious. Braydon is totally fine, is thriving with both eyes and the dog (Beans) didn’t lick the chocolate.

Location USA
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Posted On Jan-10-2023