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Massive Halibut Caught by Kayak Angler in Alaska

Occurred on July 03, 2021 / Steamboat Bay, Alaska

Info from Licensor: "After about five years of developing, managing, and guiding at what has become the top kayak fishing lodge in the world- Los Buzos Panama. I had gathered the attention of the Lodge manager at Steamboat Bay, Alaska. He had seen what I did to build the lodge and fishery in Panama and wanted to see if it would be possible to do something similar in Alaska. As far as I knew, there were no official kayak fishing operations in Alaska that had any type of quality kayaks, and I could not find any footage of big game fish landed from kayaks in the area. So I gathered a team and set off with the mission of catching a massive halibut from a kayak and exploring the effectiveness and viability of setting up a kayak fishing division at the lodge. We greatly exceeded all of our expectations by landing this massive 160+ pound halibut on our first day fishing close to the lodge. Most days we even ended up catching more fish than many of the boats on the trip and came to find out that in many cases, it was more effective to fish from the kayaks and ended up with the easy decision of starting a kayak fishing division at a nearby location- Waterfall Resort. The story has made huge waves in the fishing community as one of the largest officially documented halibut landed from a kayak."
Location Steamboat Bay, Alaska
Occurred not known
Posted By Adam T Fisk
Posted On Dec-9-2021