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Trusting Magpie Stands on Man's Head

Occurred on August 25, 2021 / Lambach

Info from Licensor: "A magpie got caught in our Venetian blinds on the 2nd floor of our house, one of his feathers was stuck there. Managed to free him but he was too exhausted to take off after that. So I gently put him on my arm and carried him inside, made a little box with a towel, some water and food in it so he could rest in a safe environment (the cat was waiting downstairs for him to fall off). After an hour, I put him on a tree so he could chill and sleep off his bad day. The next morning, he came back to our garden and tippy-tapped towards me when I stepped out. Weird thing is that he seems to trust everybody around me as well, seemingly knowing that we won‘t hurt him and are his friends. Meet Frank!"
Location Lambach
Occurred not known
Posted By Stephan Müller
Posted On Aug-27-2021


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