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Tree Art Masterpiece

Occurred on October 10, 2018 / Prospect Hill, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "Tree artist Artie Barksdale III is known for unique visual art and versatile creativity. In 1999, He Attended the 'North Carolina School of Arts' as a theatrical scenic background and set design student. Due to lack of funds, he was forced to drop out of college and soon relocated to North Carolina where he continues to pursue his artistic journey. Using his gifts and talents, he beautified the city of Durham through commissioned murals, art installations, and residential work. His work can be found on display at Duke University, Beyu Caffe, Dames Chicken and Waffles, Durham Public Schools, Durham Parks and Recreation just to name a few. In 2010, Artie discovered the love for tree art and began painting original camouflage patterns on used hunting trucks just to have the experience. For 9 years, he taught himself how to capture life-like details of tree bark, trees and color blends of the natural environment. He used vehicle camouflaged paint jobs as a mobile art show/canvas on wheels. It was in 2016 when he discovered that the connection with trees was much deeper than he'd imagined. Using his child- like imagination, artistic creativity and theatrical skills, Barksdale developed a way to create animated faces on trees without harm. This video was taken at his residence located in Prospect Hill North Carolina. The reason why He chose tree faces as a subject matter was mainly to inspire nature lovers, children, and people who enjoy imagination. It took Barksdale 2 years of planning and experimenting before going public with his presentation. His tree videos are gaining popularity in Africa, Australia, Finland, Brazil, and Japan."

Location Prospect Hill, North Carolina, USA
Occurred Oct-10-2018
Posted On Jan-10-2019