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Cats Do Have 7 Lives

Occurred on May 2022 / San Luis Potosí, México

Info from Licensor: Milly is a kitten who really likes to go out into the street and chase pigeons until it occurred to her to get on an antenna of approximately 12 meters, and neither we, her owners, nor the firefighters who helped us at the time could lower it since the antenna was rusty and if someone climbed up the antenna could fall. The firefighters said that they would pour water on it so that it would jump (we, its owners, were afraid that it would jump and hurt itself) and the firefighters said that that was the way it had to go down when there was no other alternative. They sprayed the water at Milly and she launched herself into the air and fortunately, nothing happened to her and now she is our flying cat.
Location San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Occurred not known
Posted By Camila Venegas
Posted On Jun-29-2022


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