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Baboon Borrows Bananas

Occurred on December 14, 2022 / Kibale Forest, Kamwenge Fortportal Road, Uganda

Info from Licensor: "It was just a few kilometers away from my home along Kamwenge Fortportal road in Kibale Forest when I was busy snapping myself, little did I notice that my window glass was down and a crazy baboon jumped in to pick the yellow bananas that we had on the dash board. We all got puzzled we tried screaming thinking it would go back but it didn’t it just comfortably sat near me and started eating the yellow bananas so the only option I had was to move out of the car though it was a decision for the brave one because they were more outside and no one among us in the car was willing to go out or let it move out. The guy who was shouting in the back ground “mukingureho” was meaning I should open for it though I could not put the glass down again as they were many more that wanted to move it. So it finally moved out and left a funny smell in the car and we moved on though in disbelief of what had happened."

Location Kibale Forest, Kamwenge Fortportal road
Occurred not known
Posted By Kasande Christine
Posted On Feb-3-2023