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Fatal and Tragic Crash at Norway International Speedway

Occurred on August 17, 2018 / Norway, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "At Norway International Speedway, Doug Rose owner of the Green Mamba was doing warm up laps. He was performing at the Norway International Speedway. He started towards turn one and did not turn and crashed off the guardrail and flipped over. Emergency crews at the track responded within seconds and the announcer said he was out of the car and fine. Maybe 20 minutes later the races were cancelled supposedly because of jet fuel on the track and they needed to get an ambulance through. We never saw an ambulance leave until almost an hour later. The Michigan State Police was on scene maybe 30 minutes or less after the crash. Two units responded as well as another Beacon Ambulance. People in the pits said he died of a heart attack and others said he was ejected out of the car. I'm not 100% sure what actually happened but that's what I heard."
Location Norway, Michigan, USA
Occurred Aug-17-2018
Posted By Samuel John Rochon
Posted On Aug-20-2018


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