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Little Boy Eats a Worm

Occurred on July 2020 / Tanumshede, Sweden

Info from Licensor: "My son Frej Summer 2020, in our garden in Sweden. I saw that he took a worm. I decided to record it, and it went funnier and cuter than I hoped for. I think it's not bad for a child to get dirt and build up their immune system. I look so happy and pleasant. In the video, I stopped him and asked him 'what do you have in your mouth? What do you have in your mouth?' Then he showed the worm and looked happy and proud, and I laughed and said 'oh damn, you little pig' in Swedish. When I checked him a second after I stopped recording, the worm was gone. So I don't know if he ate it or threw it away."

Location Tanumshede, Sweden
Occurred not known
Posted On Feb-1-2023