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Pet Guinea Pig Becomes a Pet Snake

Occurred on February 5, 2017

Info from Licensor: "I woke up one morning and the top of the guinea pig cage outside was slightly knocked off. So I looked inside the cage and one of my daughter's beloved pigs was gone. We assumed it was a cat!!! So what I started doing was covering the cage with a big cloth at night to ensure a cat would never get this other remaining pig named Macey. Then about 10 days later I put the guinea pig back in his cage and went inside to do something for about 20 minutes before remembering and returning to cover him up for the night so he'd be safe. That's when I saw a massive 2 meter (at least) sized snake in the cage. For a second totally confused at what I was seeing as how could a snake that big even get in a cage through the small bars. I looked around to find the guinea pig and sadly he wasn't in there UNTIL I noticed the snakes body and the bulge in it. So I guess it wasn't a cat after all, it was this python!!! Anyway so the snake was so big from eating the guinea pig that he couldn't get back out of the cage and wasn't even going to attempt it. So we threw the cage in the back of the car, drove it about 5 kmls away and let it go free".
Occurred Feb-5-2017
Posted By Brent Bell
Posted On Feb-9-2017