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Army Buddies Reunited After 58 Years

Occurred on October 5, 2015 / Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "My father 'Tex' had not seen his Army buddy in 58 years although Ken had made contact with him about 15 years ago. They lived 1000's of miles apart and always wanted to reunite, but it just never happened. In the fall of 2015, Ken let our family know that his son had passed away and we sent our condolences and knew it must be a devastating time in his life. I decided to reach out to Ken and see if he would be interested in a trip to Texas when the time was right. He immediately called me back and was eager to make the trip as soon as possible. The only condition I asked, was that he keep it a secret from my dad and we would do the same. Some planning and a bit of deception occurred over the next couple of weeks, but we got my dad to Ft. Worth and I dropped him off at my sister's house where he was supposedly going to do some minor 'fence repair' while I 'attended a meeting' for a company I contract with. He immediately noticed extensive military style decorations in the dining room which was labeled the 'Mess Hall'. My sister told us she was hosting a Bible class party the next and the theme was the 'full armor of God'. Lord forgive us, but we were lying for a good cause! I drove to DFW airport and held up a sign for Ken, who I had never met. When we arrived back at my sister's home, I entered alone and greeted our longtime family friend, Patti, who was also in on the secret and was our designated photographer who had supposedly just dropped by to leave an item. A few minutes later, Ken rang the front door. My dad's name is Willie and no one has ever called him 'Tex' except for Ken. When he heard my sister say someone was looking for 'Tex', it caught his attention immediately and he rushed to the door. I believe the video resonates with people of all ages and Ken and Tex are very humble and grateful for the kind response their reunion video has received. My father, Ken and our families hope and pray that all veterans and active duty military are honored by the tremendous response to this video."
Location Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Occurred Oct-5-2015
Posted On Aug-7-2019


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