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Outrageous Racist Incident in Hackney

Info From Licensor: "This happened on Friday morning (24th June 2016) at 10:43am, the driver of the VW was sounding his horn and behaving aggressively as he overtook a lorry that was reversing on the junction of Leaside Road and Theydon Road in Hackney E5 (London, UK). I was standing on the pavement, and I just felt that the driver might do something stupid, so I started recording it. The driver of the VW then shouted towards a minicab driver that was double parked, and suddenly he stopped his car and came out in an aggressive manner, towards the minicab driver, I continued recording, what happened next completely shocked me, the VW driver shouted towards the Asian minicab driver "f*cking foreigner, go back to your country", the VW driver then drove off after another bit of shouting.

I flagged down a passing Police officer who spoke to the victim, but the victim was too afraid to pursue the matter and press charges.

This was a disgusting racist incident which shocked me, I literally couldn't believe what I had heard.

As I reflect on this incident and the timing of it being the morning of the EU Referendum results, it does worry me and make me wonder if the Brexit campaign (to Leave the EU) which was so focused on immigration, has had bad influence on some people." -
Location: Hackney, London, UK
Occurrence Date: June 24, 2016
Credit: @ShulemStern / ViralHog.com
Location Hackney, London, UK
Occurred not known
Posted By Shulem Stern
Posted On Jun-27-2016


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