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Girl and Horse Take an Adorable Nap Together

Occurred on March 22, 2023 / Switzerland

Info from Licensor: "Shari and Raudhetta live in Switzerland. Shari is 8 years old and maintains a close friendship with the Icelandic mare, Raudhetta. This beautiful moment happened when the two were taking a power nap. A horse only sleeps really deeply for a few minutes at a time and only when it feels safe. This is especially true when lying flat on your side (side-lying) with your legs stretched out, as shown in the video. For Shari, it is an extremely beautiful moment when she can cuddle up to her horse. My name is Sara and I am Shari's mother. I am a photographer and mother of four children. I like to accompany my daughter and her horse and capture many moments with my camera."

Location Switzerland
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Posted On May-22-2023