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Intoxicated Woman on Plane Causes Scene

Occurred on February 22, 2017 / Frontier Airlines Flight, USA

Info from Licensor: On a flight from DC to Denver on Frontier Airlines, there was a crazy person sitting in the aisle seat as we approached our seats. She was singing with her hands in the air. I immediately took the window seat, leaving the middle seat for my buddy. The woman started drinking Jack Daniels airplane bottles, which she brought with her onto the plane. As soon as the plane took off, she was chasing them with red wine, which she purchased from the airline. She sat in the aisle seat, my buddy sat next to her in the middle seat and I sat next to the window. She began having strange conversations with my buddy about being an investor, selling guns, and carrying drugs back and forth across the country. She had a purse full of watches that she showed us. She would put her headphones on and start singing out loud. She tried to hold my buddy's hand a couple of times, he would get up and stand in the back of the plane for 15-20 minutes at a time by the bathroom. I put headphones on and ignored her. This video was shot as soon as the plane landed in Denver and people stood up. She started getting irate about 30 seconds later before the cabin door opened. Everyone was just waiting to get off the plane, the same as her. She never complained about being in pain the entire flight, she was laughing, drinking, and talking. She told my buddy at one point that he had "beefy fingers," and asked if he wanted to put a couple inside of her."

Location Frontier Airlines Flight, USA
Occurred Feb-22-2017
Posted By Shawn Hall
Posted On Feb-28-2017