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The Risks of a Cheetah Encounter

Occurred on March 14, 2017, South Africa

Info: Several attacks during guided cheetah encounters have been reported at Emdoneno Lodge. Peggy Lio, an exchange student from Macau, arranged a cheetah encounter that ends in her mauled by the big cat. I and my friends were allowed to going into the cage where the cheetah stayed for petting and taking pictures with them. While we were waiting our turn near the cheetah to take a picture, the cheetah approached my friend, Peggy, and pulled her down. She got serious scraches all over her upper body. People might recognize that the cheetah opened his mouth to try to attach around her neck and head since she was pulled down by the cheetah on the ground. Fortunately,the tour guide did quick react to save her.
Location South Africa
Occurred Mar-14-2017
Posted By Taeeun Kim
Posted On Apr-20-2017


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