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Pennsylvania Driver Gets Guns Drawn on Him

Occurred on August 4, 2019 / Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Info from Licensor: I got called for a Lyft pickup. Upon arrival, my passenger was not there. I pulled over to the side of the curb to wait and collect my cancelation fee, when a stranger entered the vehicle and told me he was my passenger. After driving 10 feet or so, he said he was joking around. I told him to get out of my car, and then he got pissed, and started to yell and demand money. Then his friend pistol-whipped me through the window. The passenger pulled his gun on me as well. After that, I drove away, and he got scared and fled my car. Both men are currently in jail and awaiting sentencing.

Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Occurred Aug-4-2019
Posted By matthew d sliger
Posted On Oct-29-2019