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New Cat is the Purrfect Pal

Occurred on May 28, 2019 / Riverton, Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "My son, Ryan, has wanted a cat for years. However, due to allergies in the family, we didn't think it was possible to own one. It was to the point that I was taking him to friends houses with cats and visiting the Humane Society regularly to let him hold and interact with cats. He even wrote a 2-page report trying to convince us to get a cat. He got a gerbil at one point, however, he said that it helped but didn't fill his heart the way he knew a cat would. He longed to hear the purr of a cat.
One day my husband was watching TV and learned about a breed of cat called Russian Blue that is said to be 'hypoallergenic' to some degree. We started researching and even tested family members with allergies out around one. Allergies seemed to be okay around a Russian Blue. The next step was to find one. After weeks of searching, I found a family who was moving across the country and wanted to rehome their 8-month-old Russian Blue cat named Tommy. The video is of Ryan meeting and holding Tommy for the first time. Make sure the volume is up when you watch because Tommy's purring as Ryan's dream comes true is perfect."

Location Riverton, Utah, USA
Occurred May-28-2019
Posted By Stephanie Grant
Posted On Jun-14-2019