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Owner Protects Echidna From Mini Horses on Farm

Occurred on October 2, 2022 / Kurrajong, New South Wales, Australia

Info from Licensor: I found my 3 mini horses, Hoof Hefner, Ice Magic, and Iggy Pop playing with an echidna out in the yard. I've watched way too American movies where the spines go into the animal's face, so I freaked out! I was imagining a giant vet bill! Apparently, echidnas don't release their spines...but the little guy definitely needed protection from my evil little minis anyway, so I shooed them away so the echidna could pass. The echidna gave absolutely no F#*ks that it faced certain death, and swaggered off into the distance. This was on my property in Sydney Australia, and it was my first ever echidna in the wild sighting.
Location Kurrajong, New South Wales, Australia
Occurred not known
Posted By Ainslie Maher
Posted On Oct-4-2022