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Toddler Found in Middle of Road After Winter Storm in Richmond

Occurred on January 4, 2022 / Richmond, Virginia, USA

Info from Licensor: "It was the first cold night in January, right after a 6-ft snowfall in Virginia. After having stalled whether I would even go out or not, I decided to just go ahead and go. As I was driving down the road. I saw something in the road. I slowed down, and because that something looked strange, I decided to turn on my phone’s video recorder. To my surprise, as I got closer, I realized, it was a toddler, just standing there in the middle of the road. Then I noticed an oncoming car! I put my car in park, turned on my emergency flashers, jumped out of my car, yelled to the child, (repeatedly), “where is your Mommy”? I know I startled him. I didn’t mean to, but at that point, my goal was to get him OUT of the road. I turned on the flashlight of my phone, and began to wave to the oncoming car to STOP! He stopped. It was a man inside. He patiently sat there while I chased the toddler who was wildly running in the MIDDLE of the road. I got him by the arm, and while walking him to the safety of MY car, and quickly conversing with the patient driver who almost hit him, I assured the (now crying hysterically) toddler, that "I will not hurt you. I promise." I explained to him that "I have to keep you safe, so I am going to call the police." After calling the cops, I sat with him, still assuring him his safety with me. The police arrived in less than 10 minutes. The child calmed down after seeing them. The police asked him the same questions I asked him, and since he had calmed down, he was able to tell the police where he lived. We walked him down to his house. The police asked me to step aside while he spoke with whoever it was that came to the door. I noticed the child going inside. I walked down to the end of the driveway and ended up leaving. I met my goal, which was to make sure that child was safe. I arrived at my friend's house and had a cocktail because I was just too through."
Location Richmond, Virginia, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Renee Truehart
Posted On Jan-8-2022


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