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Film Crew Save Doggy From Murky Water

Occurred on January 4, 2022 / Taguig, Philippines

Info from Licensor: "At that time we were shooting an Ad while I was on the side I heard a dog crying I looked around but when we looked at the side of the lake we saw a white puppy standing on a tree and when there was a wave because in the air he sinks again. We don't know where the dog came from because there was no dog there, the suspicion was just drifting to the side so we got there. I'm so sorry we saw him at 12:30. Until the older brother who was working with concern came. I asked him for help, then he didn't even hesitate to help the dog. He called a companion. He took them up the stairs, then he held the companion on the stairs. he is dirty because the water in the lake is really very dirty. Then it was good that he got the dog 12:58 he was rescued, the pleasure of feeling that he got the dog almost made me cry. I am very grateful to my older brother who cares. he really is a hero! and the guard at the lakeshore said that he would temporarily take care of the dog in their guardhouse until the owner could find his dog. so I'm thankful to everyone who helped and even the older guard in fostering the dog."

Location Taguig, Philippines
Occurred Jan-4-2022
Posted On Jan-10-2022