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Road Confrontation in New Zealand

Occurred on September 13, 2018 / Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Info from Licensor: "I was driving from work and there's a big hill you have to go over called the Rimutakas. As I was driving down the Wellington side, I heard a honk and looked in my mirror to see the idiot in video flipping out. Then he passed me and tried to run me off the road, so I gave him the finger. Sure enough he pulls in front of me, so I have to stop. At this point, I hit reverse and he eventually gives up and drives off. I carry on knowing there are a lot of lights coming up and there was going to be a good chance of getting at least one red, so I locked my door in advance and get my camera ready. I knew I was going to get some entertaining footage of that bean bag. The end result was that he tried to get in my car and then punched my bonnet."

Location Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Occurred Sep-13-2018
Posted By Zach Pattie
Posted On Sep-14-2018