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Squirrel Leaps onto Doorbell While Waiting for Snacks

Occurred on October 16, 2020 / Champlin, Minnesota, USA

Info from Licensor: "A few weeks ago I put out a squirrel feeder, hoping to befriend some squirrels. This adorable, friendly squirrel liked my offerings and started coming by multiple times per day. I named her Squeaky. She comes when I call her now and takes peanuts from my hand. It’s a dream come true for me! Squeaky is very bold and often climbs on our window screens. She sits up to beg for food, peering through our windows. I guess this time she thought she might try to ring the doorbell to get my attention. It worked and my Ring doorbell caught it all. I did give her some walnuts as a result and the bold little one almost tried to come into the house!"

Location Champlin, Minnesota, USA
Occurred Oct-16-2020
Posted By Belinda Deardorff
Posted On Oct-19-2020