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Black Ice Causes Motorcycle Dominoes

Occurred on November 29, 2019 / Palmdale, California, USA

Info from Licensor: “In the first mile of starting a 400 plus mile ride from Barstow, Los Angeles to Las Vegas on my 2007 Honda XR650L dual sport motorcycle, with unusual snow in the desert I noticed the rider in front fall so I slowed down. The rear of the bike came around and I started to slide. My riding partner went down behind me his bike slid into me. His son also fell, with his bike sliding past his dad. There was no injuries thank to our riding gear the most damage was a broken brake lever. After fixing the brake lever we successfully completed the ride."
Location Palmdale, California, USA
Occurred Nov-29-2019
Posted By William Drummond
Posted On Dec-8-2019


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