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Great White Encounter

Info From Licensor: "We were spear fishing on a beautiful day off seal rocks on the mid north coast of nsw. We were targeting Kingfish and other Pelagic species like marlin if we got lucky. One of my best mates Ethan, My dad peter and I were in the water when my dad had speared a nice sized kingfish. My mate Ethan second shot the fish to subdue it quickly as we knew other shark species such as grey nurse sharks and hammerhead were in the area. I was on the lookout for any shark species that came in for a look at the action. It just so happened to be the species that came in for a look was a 4m+ Great White shark. It was very calm and cruisey but they do feel things with their mouths and an inquisitive little nip from one of them isn't like a nip from a puppy dog. I had to give it a gentle nudge on the nose with my spear gun to push it away from me and the swim between it and the boys I was with to ensure their safety as well as mine. As I herded it away we then got into the boat as quick as we could with the kingfish landed as well."
Location: Seal Rocks, New South Wales, AUS
Occurrence Date: February 13, 2016
Location Seal Rocks, New South Wales, AUS
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Posted On Feb-18-2016


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