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Stunning Male Peacock Looking Majestic

Occurred on June 19, 2020 / Orlando, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: My neighborhood is full of free-roaming peacocks, and this stunning male peacock chose my yard to cool off in the shade of a tree, standing on the planter box to give his feathers room to comfortably rest. It was a hot and sunny day, so I don't blame him for choosing that spot. Actually, it turned out to be such a great angle to watch him preen/clean his feathers. Then, suddenly in the distance, another peacock called out with their signature scream that sounds like a human, and this peacock responded with a different call/scream. It's fascinating how many different sounds these majestic birds can make! Enjoy!

Location Orlando, Florida, United States
Occurred Jun-19-2020
Posted By Emily Stillings
Posted On Jul-16-2020