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Running on Ice

Occurred on December 10, 2018 / Kangasala, Finland

Info from Licensor: "The lake is called Ukkijärvi which means Grandpa lake and is located in the center of Kangasala city near Tampere, Finland. Ukkijärvi is a real small lake, 450 meters by 150 meters. It was possible to have this kind of conditions, which are rare even here in Finland, because of the small size of the lake. Every year we wish to have clear ice without snow to get good surface for ice skating. This year wasn’t typical at all. We had a long fall season without snow. The cold weather and heavy snowfall didn’t start immediately. That’s why this small lake got chillier and froze sooner than bigger ones after few very cold nights. The ice on the lake was over 10 cm thick when bigger lakes still had open water.We had been ice skating already for few days when temperature got warm again. Ice was still thick enough to carry a man, but after some rain there was also a couple of millimeters of water on it. From the balcony of our house we got just the right angle, and it looked exactly like open water. The conditions were perfect for that one day only. Shooting the video wouldn’t have been possible any other day. Mika has a background in track and field so he got his running spikes. With spikes, the surface was perfect to run on. Actually, it was more difficult to walk than run."

Location Kangasala, Finland
Occurred Dec-10-2018
Posted By Marko Sagulin
Posted On Dec-22-2018